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Wet Field Bipolar Cautery

Wet Field Bipolar Cautery


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Product Description

Wet Field Bipolar Cautery


Foot controlled system gives convenience to surgeons.

Forceps, Erasers and Cables are autoclavable.

Digital display for easy setting.

Imported Forcep and Erasers can be attached.

Audible tone lets surgeon know the unit is activated.

Compact in size, elegant look and portable.

Supplied with standard accessories as shown in the photograph.

Where 110V available please use power converter, we do not supply power converter with the unit

Available Power supply : 220V

Wet Field Bipolar Cautery

Wet-Field Bipolar Coagulator is a mini diathermy solid state for controlling bleeding during surgical procedures, eliminating tissues trauma using Bipolar standard Forceps and Erasers.

Tissue may be coagulated under irrigation (wet-field) with saline or in a bloody field. The high frequency current passes from one forceps tip to the other coagulating only the bleeder or particular tissue.


Solid state circuit system ensures safest procedures to delicate tissue involved for Cataract, Retinal and IOL Surgery.

Can be used with irrigation (wet-field) or in the bloody field itself, to locate the bleeder easier to enable the surgeon to have better visualisation.

Useful for Ophthalmic surgical procedures and for delicate surgery reducing tissue trauma.

Coagulation with saline irrigation reduces tissue heating, shrinkage, drying and sticking of coagulum to the forcep tips.