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TMI-1204 Sliding Top Electrical OT table Advance

TMI-1204 Sliding Top Electrical OT table Advance


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Product Description

The TMI-1204 Sliding Top Electrical OT table Advance is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience during surgical procedures. With its sliding top feature, it allows for easy and smooth patient transfer, while its electrical control system ensures precise and accurate positioning. The table is made of high-quality materials, making it durable and sturdy enough to support even the heaviest patients. It also comes with a range of accessories and attachments that can be easily added or removed to accommodate different surgical requirements. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the TMI-1204 Sliding Top Electrical OT table Advance is the ideal choice for any modern surgical facility.

Sliding Top Electric OT Table

Additional Control Panel Memory Function 
Zero Postion Auto Floor Locking

This Electromatic sliding top O.T Table is suitable for all kind of surgeries, i.e. general surgery, vascular surgery, cardio, neurology, urology, gynecology, proctology, laparoscopy, traumatic surgery, plastic surgery and others. The base & column of the table is made of high quality medical stainless steel (Grade – 304). Non- reflecting surface, antibacterial & easy to clean. We provide with a top sliding of 5inch back/forward. Height adjustment, Lateral Tilts, Trendelenburg, and Flex – Reflex, Chair Position and Longitudinal Sliding top are realized by Remote control.


Technical Data

 Length of Table  1900 mm
 Width of Table Top  520 mm
 Minimum Height (without Mattress)  Min. 750 mm
 Maximum Height (without Mattress)  Max. 1000 mm
 Trendelenburg  25°
 Reverse Trendelenburg  25°
 Lateral Tilt  ±20°
 Back Section  ±20°
 Head Section  ±60°
 Leg Section  0°-90°
Top Sliding 5″ Reverse & 5″ Forward

Salient Features

  • Encentric Pillars
  • Stainless Fitting
  • Detachable, head, leg & Pelvic section
  • Four Sectional Radio – Translucent Top.
  • Base & Cover made of attractive, easy to clean Stainless Steel.
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table Top for precise patient positioning.
  • Standby Battery Back-up with recharging circuit.

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