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Tens Stimulator -T250

Tens Stimulator -T250


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Product Description

Tens Stimulator -T250

  • For symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and acute post-surgical or post-trauma pain.
  • Dual independent channels
  • Adjustable timer on standard and digital units
  • Adjustable frequency and pulse duration parameters
  • Basic and standard units feature three modes: burst, normal and modulation
  • TENS unit modes: -Burst, – Normal, – Modulated rate and width
  • Analog controller for intensity
  • 1 year warranty (unit only)
  • Power ON and Low Battery Indicator
  • Tens Stimulator -T250


    Tens Stimulator

    In TENS therapy, a small, battery-operated device delivers low-voltage electrical current through the skin via electrodes placed near the source of pain. It stimulates the nerves in the affected area and sends signals to the brain that block the pain perception. TENS is proven to be an effective therapy to mask pain.