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Physio Kit (Ultrasound & IFT, TENS, EMS)

Physio Kit (Ultrasound & IFT, TENS, EMS)


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Product Description

PHYSIO KIT (Ultrasound & IFT, TENS, EMS)


  • True Sinewave IFT with four pole application
  • Vector effect ( 100% modulation of amplitude)
  • Independent 4 channels
  • Carrier Frequency 5000 Hz
  • LCD Digital display
  • Battery & Adapter Operated
  • Microprocessor Controlled Digital Unit
  • Multiple Parameters Selections
  • 1 MHz Ultrasound Therapy
  • US FDA Cleared
  • Digital Display of Selections
  • PHYSIO KIT (Ultrasound & IFT, TENS, EMS)

    (Ultrasound & IFT, TENS, EMS)

    Now backpack your physiotherapy clinic &deliver the quality treatment

    This toolkit includes Stim3 (Interferential / TENS / Muscle Stim) and JUS-1 (Ultrasound Therapy). Often people are too injured, too sick or in severe pain to move hence prefer to get rehabilitation program at their home. Physiotherapists help to keep people healthy, active and independent. They also support older people to improve their quality of life. We have introduced a unique PT Kit that every Physiotherapist can carry on their home visits. You can now have your portable clinic On-The-Go because we understand the needs of physiotherapists..

    US FDA Cleared device for physiotherapist to take for home visits and offer pain relief (chronic and acute) and provide the mobility and wellness to patients. The Stim3 is one of the most popular and successful devices for physical therapy. It provides all therapies in a single hand held device for physical therapist and home care professionals. The Stim3 provides two/four channels, delivering four treatments from a single unit.

    Johari Digital’s ultrasound devices provide effective Continuous and Pulsed treatments in pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. It delivers 1 MHz through a unique ultrasound applicator. The effect of ultrasound increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling, chronic inflammation and promote bone fracture healing