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Muscle Stimulation TENS LCD Stimulator Unit : Dynostim

Muscle Stimulation TENS LCD Stimulator Unit : Dynostim

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The electronic nerve muscle stimulator. provides the advanced way to Pain Management and Muscle Rehabilitation. This micro computer controlled unit combines the proven therapies suited best to the rehabilitation needs.

The LCD based Diagnostic cum Therapeutic unit, suitable for taking S.D. Curve is a marvel of electronics. The combination unit produces five different types of stimulating current for S.D. Curve plotting and therapeutic use Output is smoothly adjustable from 0-135 volts.

Supplied Accessories

Inactive & Active rubber Electrodes : 01 Each
Ball tip Electrode with Handle  : 01 No.
Electrodes Wires : 02 Nos.
Main Cable  : 01 No.
Operating Manual : 01 No.

100 in stock


100 in stock

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Microcomputer Controlled Digital Unit.
LCD Display of all stimulation parameters.
Provides relaxation in muscle pain.
Immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscle to prevent various thrombosis.
Increases local body circulation.