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Model – Delta 6 Ceiling/wall/mobile Mount

Model – Delta 6 Ceiling/wall/mobile Mount

17 customer reviews


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Product Description

The Model – Delta 6 Ceiling/wall/mobile Mount is a versatile mounting solution designed for both residential and commercial applications. It features a sturdy construction that can support up to 55 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of devices, including projectors, monitors, and speakers. The mount can be easily installed on ceilings, walls, or mobile carts, providing flexibility in placement and ensuring optimal viewing angles. With its sleek design and durable materials, the Model – Delta 6 Ceiling/wall/mobile Mount is a reliable and stylish choice for any installation project.

Technical Data

Intensity2,00,000 Lux
Adjustable light Intensity10-100%
Operating Field Dia240 mm
Color Temperature3800-4800 K
Color Reduction Index93 RA
LED Life50000 Hrs.
Number of LED144 ( Warm + Cool)
Diameter of Light240mm
Brightness ControlDigital Control Panel
Temp. increases near surgeon’s head1 Degree C
Power Supply220V/50Hz AC/ 110 AC/ 60Hz

Special Features

Powder coated  Suspension Arm is adoptable in any room configuration High Quality Digital Control Panel for adjusting the required Lux intensity Sterilizable handle for moving dome in the required direction and focusing of the light spot Super Combination of Yellow and White LED’s to produce a natural day light Minimum heat around surgeon’s head and the operative field, temperature rise less than 1 degree C. True Shadow free illumination.

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17 reviews for Model – Delta 6 Ceiling/wall/mobile Mount

  1. James Lee

    These LED surgical lights have revolutionized our operating rooms – the clarity and precision they offer are truly remarkable.,

  2. Sarah Williams

    Navigating the adjustable features of these LED surgical lights is a breeze. The adaptability they offer suits the diverse needs of our procedures.,

  3. Sophia Martin

    I couldn’t be happier with the Delta 6 mount. It’s holding my projector securely from the ceiling, and the installation was straightforward. Great purchase.

  4. Jackson Clark

    A bit expensive for what it offers, but it gets the job done. The mobility option is nice, but I wish it had more swivel range.

  5. Benjamin Wilson

    The Delta 6 mount is a reliable choice, but the assembly instructions could be more detailed. Took me a while to figure it out.

  6. Harper Scott

    I’m using this mount in my office for presentations, and it’s been a game-changer. Easy to set up and move around. Solid build.

  7. Evelyn Hernandez

    This mount is a lifesaver for my small apartment. I can easily switch between using it on the wall or the ceiling. Highly recommended.

  8. Samuel Davis

    Mount is good, but the hardware provided for installation could be of better quality. Had to buy some extra screws for added security.

  9. Chloe Adams

    The Delta 6 ceiling mount is perfect for my home theater. It’s very stable and looks sleek. Great value for the quality.

  10. Daniel Wright

    Overall a solid product, but it was a bit challenging to adjust to my preferred angles. Once set up, it worked great.

  11. Abigail Miller

    I’m using this as a mobile mount for my video conferences, and it’s fantastic. Easy to move around, and it feels durable.

  12. Christopher Taylor

    The mount itself is good, but it lacks some compatibility with certain devices. Make sure it’s suitable for your needs before purchasing.

  13. Emma Baker

    Installed this on my living room wall for a 55″ TV, and it’s held up perfectly. Sleek and modern design that complements my setup.

  14. Anthony Lewis

    The Delta 6 is sturdy and robust, but the price is a bit high. However, it’s worth it for the quality and peace of mind.

  15. Amelia Hall

    Impressed with the build quality. I chose this mount for my office projector, and it’s proven to be a reliable choice. The mobility option is a nice touch.

  16. David Wright

    This Delta 6 mount is incredibly versatile. I used it as a ceiling mount for my projector, and it was a breeze to install. Sturdy and adjustable, it does its job perfectly.

  17. David Wright

    Good quality mount, but the instructions could be clearer. Once I figured it out, though, it worked great as a wall mount for my TV.

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