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Miraz 4-Led Operation Theater Light

Miraz 4-Led Operation Theater Light


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Product Description

The Miraz 4-Led Operation Theater Light is a state-of-the-art surgical light designed to provide exceptional illumination during procedures. Equipped with four high-intensity LED bulbs, it delivers bright, clear light with a color temperature of 4500K, making it ideal for precision surgeries. The light can be easily adjusted to suit the surgeon’s needs, with multiple intensity levels and a range of positioning options. With its sleek, modern design and high-quality construction, the Miraz 4-Led Operation Theater Light is an excellent choice for any hospital or surgical center looking to upgrade their lighting technology.


Scratch –less Polycarbonate Glass, Excellent Variable Color Temperature, Adjustable Focus, LCD Enabled Digital Controller from Tiawan, Unbreakable Aluminium Outer Body for heat dissipation, Fully Remote Controlled, Laminar Flow Compatible


Max Light Intensity (@1m) : 1,40,000 Lux
Dimming Range : 10% to 100%
Field Diameter ( Spot) : 125-250mm
Diameter of Dome : 72 cm
No. of LEDs : 32W + 16Y
Focusing : Adjustable
Led Life Time : 50,000 HRS
CRI : >93
Variable Color Temperature : 3,800 – 4,800K
Depth of Illumination : 120 Cm
Power Consumption : 52 Watt
Power supply : 220V / 50 HZ AC
Temp. Rise At Surgeon’s Head <1 deg. C
Remote + Digital Controller : Included
Model : Miraz 4 : Ceiling / Mobile

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