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LED OT Light 500 Omega

LED OT Light 500 Omega

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LED OT Light 500 Omega


Model : Omega 500  Multiple color with extra arm for Monitor  : Ceiling / Wall Mount

Monitor and inbuilt camera are optional

Ceiling / Wall Mount model as  per customer requirement


Adjustable Color Temperature

 Special Features:

Memory Function, High quality sterilizable handle, With protective fire resistant

ESG safety glass for scratch proof, fast disinfection process, protects UV and IR

rays and improve light penetration. With special European design for ventilation of

heat. Body is made of high quality fire resistant polymer. External monitor and

inbuilt internal Camera are Optional

100 in stock

LED OT Light 500 Omega


100 in stock

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LED OT Light 500 Omega

Technical Data

Intensity  : 1,60,000 ±10%

Size of Light Field : 12-30 cm

Color Temperature  : 4000-5000 K

Color Reduction Index: 93 RA

LED Life  : >50000 Hrs.

Number of LED :  126

Diameter of Light : 500mm

Brightness Control Capacitive Touch Panel

Focusing : Adjustable

Power Supply 110V/220V/50/60Hz AC

Battery Backup : Optional

Monitor & Camera : Optional