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LED Operation Theater Light – 600+600

LED Operation Theater Light – 600+600


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Product Description

Introducing the LED Operation Theater Light – 600+600, a top-of-the-line lighting system designed specifically for surgical procedures. With a dual-head design, this light provides maximum coverage and illumination for any operating room. The LED technology ensures a long lifespan with low energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. The light also features adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, allowing for customization to suit any surgical needs. This reliable and high-quality light is the perfect addition to any modern operating theater.


Special Features

High quality sterilizable handle, with protective fire resistant ESG safety glass for scratch proof, fast disinfection process, protects UV and IR rays and improve light penetration. with ENDO Mode and with Special European Design For Ventilation of Heat.

Technical Specification

Model deLta LED 600 + 600

Dome Size- 600mm

Intensity Lux- 160000+160000+_ 10%

Depth Illumination- 10-15 cm

Spot Diameter-125 – 200mm

Colour Temp.- 3500k-4800k

Focusing- Adjustable

Power Supply- 110/220v, 60/50HZ AC

Colour Rendering Index- 95RA

Power Consumption- 50+50Watt

Led Average Life- 50000 Hrs

Intensity Control- 30~100

Battery Backup-Optional

600+600 Led Ot Light

Delta Group : The leader in LED OT Light Technologies
Model: Delta LED 600 + 600

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