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IFCT DLX – Electro Therapy

IFCT DLX – Electro Therapy


Shipping: Free
Delivery: Within 7 days through DHL Express
Returns: 30 Days Returns.
Payments: Secure Payment by Paypal

Product Description

Special Features:
Clinical Library with Pre-programmed Parameters.

Micro controller base for optimum accuracy
Five different stimulus current modes available: 4pole, 2pole, Vector100, Vector40 & Russian Current.
ABS plastic Shock Proof Cabinet
Special compact design for home visit, clinics & hospital
Upgradable software facility.
4 Pole : Beat frequency up to 250 Hz,Vector 40 %, 100% and off
2 Pole : Beat Frequency up to 250Hz.
Russian : Ramp-up to 9 sec, On Period up to 9 sec, Off Period up to 9 sec,Burst Frequency -20 to 120 PPS
Intensity : 0 to 100 mA
Manual Intensity Balance in both channel
Timer : User Specific
Main Supply : 230 V AC/50 Hz

Standard Accessories:

2 Pair Rubber Electrode With Cable
2 Pair Strap
1 Jelly Bottle
Operating Manual



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