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Examination LED OT Light Operation Theater Light Hospital surgical LED OT Light

Examination LED OT Light Operation Theater Light Hospital surgical LED OT Light


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Product Description

The Examination LED OT Light is a high-quality surgical LED OT light designed for use in hospitals and operation theaters. It features advanced LED technology that ensures bright and even illumination of the surgical area. The light is fully adjustable, with multiple settings for brightness and color temperature, allowing surgeons to customize the lighting to their specific needs. The light is also energy-efficient, making it a cost-effective choice for hospitals and clinics. With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Examination LED OT Light is an excellent investment for any medical facility.


Delta Omax LED 48 White series


Intensity : 1,70,000 Lux

Spot Diameter: 100-150mm

Depth Illuminataion: 10-15 mm

Color Temp.: 3800-4800 K

Color Rendering Index: 95 Ra

Focusing: Adjustable

LED Average Life: >50000 Hrs.

Number of LED  : 48

Diameter of Light: 650 mm

Intensity Control: 10-99 Digital Touch

Power supply: 220/50 Hz AC drive by DC 24volt

Power consumption: 50 Watts

Special Function: Remote Operated

LED Color: Yellow & White combination

Special Features

Stainless Steel Suspension Arm is adoptable in any room configuration

High Quality Digital Control Panel for adjusting the required Lux intensity

Sterilizable handle for moving dome in the required direction and focusing of the light spot

Super Combination of Yellow and White LED’s to produce a natural day light

Minimum heat around surgeon’s head and the operative field, temperature rise less than 1 degree C.

True Shadow free illumination.

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