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Electrosurgical Vessels Sealer Model Fast Seal Plus 400W

Electrosurgical Vessels Sealer Model Fast Seal Plus 400W


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Product Description

Electrosurgical Vessels Sealer Model Fast Seal Plus 400W

Model Fast Seal Plus 400W

Enertech’s vessel sealing systems give you something no other electro surgical tool can – permanent vessels occlusion. This revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it doesn’t just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.

 Quick Reference

Standard Vessel Sealing Cum Electrosurgical unit

Graphical LCD Display

400w Power

99 programmable

Patient Plate Conductivity monitoring system

Programs : 99 Programs Memory

Display: Graphical LCD Display.

Electrosurgical Vessels Sealer Model Fast Seal Plus 400W

Technical Specification :

Monopolar Mode :

Bipolar Mode :

Sealer Mode :

For complete technical detail please see in listed phogograph

Performance Features :-

No under sealing – Sealing stops only after complete fusion

Actual measurement of Tissue Impedance for perfect seal

Fast fusion cycles and more fusion zones.

Less or no dessication compared to most other brands.

Standard sockets – Allows surgeons to connect vast variety of accessories.

 Across the range, Enertech Vessel Sealing technology delivers a unique combination of pressure and energy to create a consistent seal with each application :-

Shorter operating time – save almost upto 75% operating time.

Permanently fuses vessels upto and including 7 mm diameter and tissue bundles without dessication or isolation.

Faster and safer patient recovery. Seals withstand 3 times normal systolic blood pressure.

Uses bodies own collagen, no requirement to insert foreign material into patient body which can cause complications.

Feedback controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal is complete, eliminating the guess work.

Each of the devices comprises with high power and low voltage bipolar mode and specialist instruments that combine tissue compression with tissue heating to produce hemostasis in veins or a bundle of tissue.

The Product is delivered through a variety of Instruments for use in both Laparoscopic and open procedures in a range of surgical specialties, including gynecological, colorectal, urology and general surgery.