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Delta Mini Cryo Gun -300 ML

Delta Mini Cryo Gun -300 ML


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Product Description

Delta offers a 300ml Liquid Nitrogen Container Sprayer with 5 different freeze heads. The 5 freeze heads offer a more accurate and safe handling of Delta cryosurgery unit  The sprayer is lightweight and portable; weighing 0.5 kg ( 1.10 lbs). empty. It is not designed for long storage of  Liquid N2O, but is easily filled when you’re ready to use it.

The Delta cryosurgery Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer is perfect in a healthcare setting where one might have a wart or other skin condition treated using Liquid Nitrogen. College professionals such as Chemists or Physicists could use this where an Liquid Nitrozen Sprayer could be useful in completing an experiment. An up and coming use for the Delta cryo Sprayer is in the field of Molecular Gastronomy; a food science that examines the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. Some recipes call for LN2.


There is no liquid nitrogen inside, for convenient transportation. So you have to buy liquid nitrogen alone, thank you for your understanding.

Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold and if it touches your skin, you will be burned. Please consider buying Cryogen Protective Gloves.

It is not suitable for longtime storage of liquid nitrogen but is easily filled when you’re ready to use it.


  1. In all the department in hospital
  2. In gynecology department
  3. In stomatology department
  4. In cosmetology area

Return Policy

  1. Returns are accepted within 30 days after buyer receives the item.Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. A refund will be issued within 2 business days after we receive the returned item.
  2. Returned item has to be in its original condition, no returns for customized items.
  3. Biological contamination
    If the product is defective, we will send a refund or a replacement. Due to the biological feature of liquid nitrogen tank, we will not accept a return.

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