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Bipolar Cautery

Bipolar Cautery


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Product Description

Bipolar Cautery

Technical  Data :

Intensity variable accurately ( 50 to 100 watts output).

Power supply  : 110/220V


The technique of Electro – Skin  Cautery unit in involves the passage of high frequency waves through the electrodes which of different types for different application. It  cuts, coagulates or remove the tissue soft tissue resistance to these electro-skin  cautery unit, causes the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which products steam and results in cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells. The electro-skin cautery unit waves re focused on the tissue by means of hand pencil ( Monopolar) with Electrode connected for cutting of soft tissue. The patient plate is positioned behind the tissue in contact  with patien’t skin the operations activated by foot switch, for controlled output as pwer surgeons need for depth cut is possible by intensity control. There is one mode from ( 0 to 8) in the electro=skin  cautery unit to control the intensity through  intensity knob ( high Or low).

Electro-skin cautery unit in general practice has many advantages over conventional surgical techniques  particularly  in Dermatology, Plastic surgeries, Eyelid Surgery E.N.T.  & Dental for Fast operating time, quick healing less tissue damage,  no charring and less post operative discomfort have been observed and its wider use in hospital practice is recommended from electro – skin cautery unit is different  electro-surgery machine, e.g. (Surgical diathermy).  The electrical energy is converted in Electro-skin cautery unit and this waves of high frequency does the cutting very fine. The process involves control the high frequency waves.

The unit will be supplied  with the following accessories :

Surgical handle,             : 01 No.
5 Electrodes,                  : 05 Nos.
Foot Switch                    : 01 No.
Inactive  Plate                : 01 No.
Tweezer with cable         : 01 No.
Main Cable                     : 01 No.
Operating Manual         : 01 No.

Bipolar Cautery



To Remove skin tags, warts, corns, Hair Restoring surgery, Forehead lift, Ablation of keloides, Palatoplasty, Kerotosis, Blephare plasty, Ritodoplasty, Leason removal, Tumottrs, Rehinepliyma, Epilation, Nipple reduction, Face lifts, Mamoplasty, Epistaxis, Augmentation, Development of skin flaps, To,gue Lession Removal,  Abdominoplasty, Biopsies

Dermatology treatments

Cosmology Treatments

Collagen Remodeling

Skin Treatments

Ablation & Non ablation

Beauty Treatment

Plastic Surgery


Offers good choice of monopolar and Bipolar current.

Portable model attached with briefcase for safe handling.

Intensity variable accurately ( 50 to 100 watts output).

Ideal for minor and instant coagulation, dessiction and fulgeration.

Useful for E.N.T Surgeons, Dermatologists, General Surgeons and Cosmetologists.


This method is prefered by surgeons by removal of warts Acne Keloid, corns, cysts, chonicrood, small tumours, conjuctivities, etc.

Excellent cosmetic results obtained with little or no side effects.

Abnormalities are remover bloodlessly.


Gives amazing results in the removal of the growth on the surface and within accessible orifices.

New skin appears gradually and takes the tint of surrounding skin