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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Delta Technologies

Who are we?

To briefly introduce ourselves, deLta Technologies & deLta exim (Group of deLta) are one of the most prestigious companies in the field and have been leading the industry towards a sustainable and a technology enabled society for decades. Our experience in the field goes back more than two decades and a sustainable growth in compliance with a better society has been our priority. We deal in Physiotherapy, Healthcare, Medical & Beauty equipment.

The best staff for the best customers

Ever since our existence our company has represented itself as a perfect blend of dedicated personnel and the best service there is to offer on the market which, in turn, has resulted in our increasing consumer base which we value more than anything. To serve our customers we have equipped our staff with not only high moral values and dedication but with technical knowledge which enables them to test the products that we deliver at every stage until it reaches the destination. We believe our consumers to be our foundation and uphold them and their needs to be our main priority.

We value ethics

We take pride in the admirable level of success that we have acquired over the years and the position that we hold in the market despite the critical competition that the market offers. For a Long time experience in this field has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves. Our business policy finds its foundations in our moral values and transparency. We not only wish to deliver, but to do what we do the best: we serve for a better tomorrow.

Service and deliverables

We are here to take care of your multiple needs and requirements. We have,
A wide range of Physiotherapy equipment: an amiable range of equipment’s for Ultrasound Therapy, Electrotherapy, Combination Therapy, Tens Therapy, Muscle Stimulators, Laser Therapy, Longwave Therapy, Shortwave Diathermy, Spinal Traction Units.
The best quality of Electrosurgical Generator, Surgical Diathermy, Electrocautery, RF Cautery, Croy Surgical Gun.
Equipment to assist operations ranging from Operation Theater lights, Operation Theater Surgical Tables, Custom made OT Lights and OT tables.


Our confidence in the field comes from the level of recognition that we have acquired over the years. DeLta Technologies has- ISO 13485:2003, CE certification, GMP & ISO 9001: 2015.

ISO 13485, an international standard which defines quality management system requirements for manufacturers of medical devices.
ISO 13485:2003 provides a harmonized set of quality management system requirements for medical device manufacturers.
ISO 13485 certificate is recognized in most major markets (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East etc.)