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Laser Therapy with Red and IR Probe 100 Pre Programmed and 100 User Memory

The LASER THERAPY is advanced and superior therapy then other electrotherapy. The LLT is produces monochromatic cog rant beam “speckles” of high power density which can cause local heating of in homogeneous tissues. Low Level laser Therapy works on the principle of inducing a biological response through energy transfer in that the photonic energy delivered into the tissue by the laser modulates the biological processes within the tissue. So, it also called phobiomodulation. The Arndt – Schultz law of biomodulation infer that low dosages of photonic energy will stimulate the biological process in the tissue(photobiostimulative effect) and higher dosage of photonic will inhibit the biological process within the tissues(photobioinhibitive effect).

Our DIGI Laser pro having IR AND RED PROBE automatic calculation power, energy, and density by Arndt – Schultz law.

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Applications :

  • Wound healing
  • Pain Management
  • Cosmetic regeneration
  • Soft tissue injury treatment
  • Skin Treatment
  • Diabetic wound healing
  • Dental
  • Hair fall control
  • Pressure sores in bed-ridden patients
  • Leg Ulcer
  • Acne
  • Superficial AP stimulation and tonification
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Non union
  • Small bone
  • Burns
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Brachial neuralgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid ARTHRITIS
  • Ligament and TENDON Injuries

Special Features :

  • 100 preprogrammed
  • 100 user memory
  • Compact size
  • Easy operation
  • Large size LCD Display 240 X 128
  • Weight:1.5kgs
  • Size:22.5x22.5x7.5

Technical Specification for Laser Therapy :

  • Red Probe 100mw/650 nm wavelength for superficial tissue penetration (power can be varied from 2mw to 100mw)
  • IR Probe 100mw/950nm wavelength for deeper tissue penetration( power can be varied from 2mw to 100mw)
  • RED Laser beam diameter is 0.357cm
  • IR Laser beam diameter is 0.798cm
  • Modulated frequency up to 10khz.(frequency can be varied from 200hz to 10khz)
  • 100mw probes can be switched to 25mw,50mw,75mw,100mw by settings
  • RED & IR Probes are pointed probes
  • Both probe tips covered by the plastic ceiling film to avoid infection when treating the open ‘wounds’
  • Energy can be varied from 0.01J to 100J (Biostimulation effect & Bioinhibition effect)
  • Energy density can be varied from 0.01J/cm² to 100J/cm²
  • 100 preprogrammed pain condition wise (separately for IR & RED Probe) in alphabetic order.
  • 100 user memory with patient name(Read & write)
  • Pulsed mode 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%......100%
  • Automatic calculation of power in mw, Energy in J and Energy density in J/cm²
  • All parameters will be display in wide graphic LCD size 240x128(frequency , power, pulse ratio, Treatment time, Area , Energy and Energy Density)
  • Sensor for IR Laser ( Invisible Laser )
  • Laser principal, Formula and Contra indication will be displaying in the display.
  • Class 3B Laser
  • Laser type Semiconductor Ga As
  • Easy operation
  • Superior performance
  • Light weight
  • Compact in size

Accessories :

Output cable : 2 no
Red probe : 1 no
IR Probe : 1 no
Goggles :1 no
Manual : 1 no
Mains Cable :1 no
Warranty card :1 no
Carrying bag :1 no

Delivery Charges :

Pay Mode Terms : T/T (Bank Transfer)
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Piece
Port of Dispatch : Chennai
Production Capacity : 50 units month
Delivery Time : 2-3 days
Forwarding Details : Forwarding through sea/air as per the customer request
Gross weight : 3.5 kgs

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